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That Matter
Short  Course Workshop Professional Poster Student Poster

How Is your Occupational Balance? Conversations about Occupations, Health and Well-Being

Productivity Demands and Professional Clinical Ethics Resolving Dilemmas

The Intersection of Current Trends in OT: Establishing Wellness & Prevention Practice for Baby Boomers in a Community Setting

Implementing Community Outings Across the Continuum of Care

Pick your Partners, Teacher, PT, &  OT Collaboration in Schools

Sexuality and Intimacy after a Spinal Cord Injury



A Case Based Look at Proprioceptive Deficits & Treatment Following Upper Extremity Trauma

ADS as a viable long term care & level II FW option

Incorporating Evidence- Based Practice into Fieldwork Experiences

Implementation of the Allen Scale into Clinical Practice

Sorting it All Out with Therapy, Emotional, & Service Dogs

Occupational Therapy in Early Childhood Transitions: Supporting Children & Families

Using clinical guidelines & patient decision aids in your OT practice

Vehicle Automation for Medically At-Risk Drivers

Is it Sensory or is it Behavior? That is the question

VAMPS (Visual Activity, Motor, Postural, Sensorimotor) Assessment

 Characteristics of Older Adults Facilitating Aging-in-Place

Sensory Processing in Adults in Mental Health

The Effects of a Structured Coping Strategy Program for Graduate Occupational Therapy Students

Understanding Deep Work, Attention Residue & Optimal Occupational Performance

Utility of the Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure: Clinical utility for OTs identifying at-risk older drivers

Natural Disasters & Occupational Disruption

Wekiwa Springs State Park Serenity


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