Myra McDaniel Student



Leadership Fund




Lt. Col. Myra McDaniel 


 Lt. Col. Myra McDaniel served in the Army for

over 20 years as chief of

Occupational Therapy at several Army 

hospitals and was an active member 

of AOTA for 52 years. Myra McDaniel 

had a passion for serving her 

professional association and the 

scholarship bearing  her name will 

award senior OT and OTA students 

who have demonstrated similar  

passion for the profession of  

occupational therapy.



Surprised by the cost of your NBCOT

Examination & State Licensure Fees?

FOTA Cares!!!

Receive a $500.00 Award


(4 awarded per year - 2 OT's & 2 OTA's)


Applications for 2010 Awards will close on 

December 8, 2010



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