Leadership Development Program

Focus on the Occupational Therapy Assistant: OTAs Inspire Others - Interact with Mentors - Expand Knowledge and Skills.

Saturday, August 5, 2017; 8:30-4:30pm,  Polk State College, Winter Haven, FL.


  • VIDEO: Everyday Leadership -- An everyday moment or action that makes a difference  -- is powerful.
  • Inspire – OT leaders in clinical, academic and management venues will identify the skills that OTAs need to effectively lead on the job, in their careers, and for their profession.
  • Interact - Talk with OTA peers and experienced practitioners in breakout sessions designed to reveal leadership qualities within. Keynote Speaker Sandee Dunbar, DPA, OTR/L, FAOTA literally “wrote the book” on leadership in the OT profession. 
  • Expand - Gain knowledge about the mission and initiatives of the Florida Occupational Therapy Association (FOTA), and the ways OTAs can grow their leadership skills within their state

Course Objectives  | Course Description | Day Agenda | More Program Information


Course description:  Participants will be selected by nomination. The participants will engage in a day of continuing education and dynamic discussions on the topic of leadership and service in the context of the state professional association for occupational therapy. A variety of speakers, presentations, and discussions will be provided on leadership practices and principles as well as the diversity of roles in leadership that exist in FOTA. The event will culminate with participants identifying and committing to aspects of FOTA that they would be involved in volunteering and begin growing into leadership roles in those areas. Participants will be connected to a current FOTA leader who can act in the capacity of mentor and facilitate increased service to FOTA and guide leadership development.

NOMINATION FORM  - closed June 19th. 

Nominations due by June 1, 2017

Leadership Event Learning Objectives

   Participants will:

 1.     Identify various leadership styles (practices)

2.     Identify behaviors and characteristics of leaders (communication/visibility).

3.     Gain an understanding of the FOTA organization, its mission and vision

4.     Understand FOTA Strategic Plan support for leadership development

5.     Explore available FOTA leadership options

6.     Reflect on their own leadership journey

7.     Recognize their own potential leadership role within FOTA


Leadership Event Agenda 

  1. Welcome and introductions: presenters, attendees: title, current job, etc
  2. Review objectives, goals for the day, results of surveys attendees took ahead of time
  3. Keynote Speaker on Leadership Practices in the Context of a State Association: Sandee Dunbar
  4. Leadership discussion  Styles       Behaviors / characteristics
  5. FOTA – as an organization
  6. FOTA Strategic Plan; Bylaws
  7. FOTA Leadership:   Voting board / non-voting leaders; positions: elected / appointed
  9. ROUNDTABLES / BREAK OUT SESSIONS: 6 10 minute sessions in one hour (if we have 20-25 participants, that will = approx.. 4 per group. Can do a round robin.
  10. FOTA leaders will conduct small group presentation: share job description in own words, pros / cons, time commitment, etc. FOTA leaders should be given outline of information to share.
  11. Regroup – feedback from attendees
  12. Time for commitment  - participants consider plans to engage in interest areas as volunteers. Mentorship connections set-up in association with expressed areas of interest.

Leadership Event Participant Selection

  1. Process - OTA and student participants will be recruited through a call for nominations from FOTA membership and board members, or by self-nomination using an online form. The call for nominations will be promoted through FOTA social media, website, e-mail blasts and member updates. Student nominations will come from OTA program faculty. A nominations selection committee will create a list of those who shall be invited to participate in this event based on criteria as defined below.

  2. Criteria - Participants who are nominated will be considered and selected to be invited based on eligibility criteria including FOTA membership, history of volunteerism in service to FOTA, or school SOTA, or leadership in community and the workplace relevant and significant to leadership opportunities within FOTA .

More Information

Purpose of the Leadership Development Pilot Program is:

1. To identify future FOTA leaders to serve FOTA in board and/or other identified leadership positions.

2. To provide future FOTA leaders with resources/programs to develop leadership skills, via strategic mentorship opportunities within the state.

3. To develop an ongoing process of mentorship in leadership within the organization’s yearly activities.
For more information on this leadership event contact the committee chair Brent Cheyne at brentcheyne@yahoo.com 

Nominations due by June 1, 2017

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