Regional Representatives

Regional Rep Contacts | Where is my Region?

Region 1: North West OPEN

Help Wanted contact
Region 1 Facebook

Region 2: Capitol Sylvia Young
Region 3: North Central  Linda Struckmeyer
Linda Struckmeyer

 Region 3 Facebook
Region 4: North East  Julie Watson
Region 5: Central East  Karen Rathgeber
Region 5 Facebook

Region 6: South East  OPEN Help Wanted contact
Region 7 South  Cathy Peirce
Region 7 Facebook
Region 7 Website

Region 8 South West  Karen Tinaglia
Region 9 Central West   Dana Dixie
Region 9 Facebook


Where Is your Region?


 Coordinator of Regional Reps Cathy Peirce  Email:

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Facilitate communication between regional FOTA members and the Executive Board.
  2. Develop local strategies for encouraging and increasing member participation in FOTA..
  3. Attend established forum meeting(s) in their region whenever possible.
  4. Facilitate development of new forums in their region.
  5. Respond to member inquiries in a timely manner.
  6. Assist with the nominations process by identifying potential candidates for FOTA/AOTA elections and FOTA Awards.
  7. Regional Representatives will select a coordinator for the group and may choose to meet together or with members from their respective regions during FOTA events.
  8. Assign a record keeper to take minutes at each Regional Representatives meeting, maintain a copy of the minutes and submit minutes to the secretary, within 14 days of event.
  9. The Regional Representative will submit a written report to the Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to any Executive Board meeting.
  10. Discharge other duties as designated by the President and FOTA Board.
  11. The Member-at-Large will attend all Executive Board meetings as referenced by the attendance policy
  12. The Regional Representative or designee will contribute articles to Focus publication minimum of 2 times per year.

Each Regional Representative acts as a liaison between the local Forums and FOTA

If you are interested in networking with OT’s at the local level, email your Regional Rep for more information.  Your regional rep can provide you information on established forums or guide you on beginning a forum in your area. 

For additional Forum information please click here:  OT Forums


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