Would you like to see your website's link located on the FOTA Website?

Does your website meet the following criteria which include but are not limited to:


  1. Does your website serve the interests of FOTA's Members ?
  2. Does it support the FOTA Strategic Plan?  (learn more about our strategic plan, click here)
  3. Does your website promote the value of OT to the general public or other target populations such as policy makers, payors and employers?
  4. Does your website promote access to and equitable payment for occupational therapy services?
  5. Does your website help OTs acquire needed resources, competencies, and expertise?
  6. Your website should not rist the assets or integrity of FOTA and/or the profession of OT.
  7. This link request will not provide direct financial gain to the requesting organization.

If you believe these criteria apply to your request,


to complete the Application Process.

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