Regional Representatives

Region 1: Northwest         Dana Dixie    
Region 2: Capitol               Sylvia Young   
Region 3 North Central Anna Gallway Reg 3 Facebook
Region 4: North East        
Julie Watson  Reg 4 Facebook
Region 5: Central East     
Dana Dixie Reg 5 Facebook
Region 6: South East      
Lindsey Demetres  Reg 6 Facebook
Region 7: South                
Stephanie Carlo  Reg 7 Facebook 
Region 8: South West    Brigitte Belanger Reg 8 Facebook
Region 9: Central West  
Dana Dixie Reg 9 Facebook

Where Is your Region?

 General Duties and Responsibilities: For more information please click link.

Each Regional Representative acts as a liaison between the local Forums and FOTA.  If you are interested in networking with OT’s at the local level, email your Regional Rep for more information.  Your regional rep can provide you information on established forums or guide you on beginning a forum in your area. 

For additional Forum information please click here:  OT Forums


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