OT Licensure

 FOTA does not does not manage anything to do with OT Licenses in Florida. However we do monitor legislation and rules pertaining to licensure and serve as a resource to support, develop, and represent the profession for the advancement of the practice and better serve the consumer.


 Florida Board Website including Licensure information:  http://www.floridasoccupationaltherapy.gov/

Florida State Board of Occupational Therapy 

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Continuing Education Requirements   CE BROKER


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Florida's Laws and Rules for OT                                                       

Florida Statute

Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions
Chapter 468, Part III: Occupational Therapy

Florida Administrative Code

Rules: Chapter 64B11: Board of Occupational Therapy, Florida Administrative Code
Rules: Chapter 64B: Division of Medical Quality Assurance, Florida Administrative Code



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