Practice Standing Committee (PSC) & Special Interest Section (SIS) Chairs

The PSC comprises the PSC Coordinator and 14 special interest sections, namely (in alpha order): Developmental Disabilities, Education, Fieldwork Education, Gerontology, Health Promotion and Wellness, Mental Health, Occupational Science, Physical Dysfunction, Research, School Systems, Sensory Integration, Technology, Administration and Management, and Work Programs. Each SIS has its own Chair with specific roles and responsibilities.  

Members can contact the SIS chair via the member home page. NonMembers please contact us here.
                                                          SIS Contact Info & Article Submission Dates
                                                                FOCUS Quarterly Author Guidelines
SIS Chair Roles and Responsibilities
  • Be an active FOTA member
  • Be a member of AOTA and the AOTA SIS that you are representing
  • Collaborate with the Practice Coordinator prior to a scheduled Executive Board Meeting. SIS Chairs are encouraged to attend the EB meetings.
  • Initiate and post on listserv discussions information of interest and importance to SIS members
  • Respond to SIS member’s questions/ inquiries by answering e-mails and referring to EB members in a timely fashion
  • Annually submit an article for the FOCUS concerning issues pertinent to your SIS area
  • Attend the annual FOTA Conference meeting
  • Facilitate SIS Conversations that Matter sessions at annual FOTA conference
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