FOTA21 Conference: Student Poster Submissions

FOTA21 Conference: Student Poster Submissions

Here are some tips to follow when completing your student poster submission:

  1. First and foremost, make sure you submit your poster under student and not professional. This will help to decrease any added stress closer to conference when you realize you may have been placed in the wrong group. The conference committee goes off what you submit and will place your poster in the group accordingly.

  2. Fill out the submission form it in its entirety, and do not leave blanks.  If a section is left blank, you will be asked to submit further information in order to complete your submission which will delay your official confirmation of the poster.

  3. Title your poster to draw people in!  OT practitioners are interested in hearing what you have to say, and a catchy title will draw them your way.

  4. Remember to list all of the other students who worked with you on your project, if there are any.  The conference program is based on the information you provide, and we want to make sure everyone is recognized. Remember there should be one primary person who submits and there can be up to 4 other students listed.

  5. Please list the full contact information for your faculty advisor, including their email, phone number, and address of the university. If we need to contact them after judging, this information is vital to ensure awards are dispersed accordingly.

  6.   Keep to the word count! Please check out the poster guidelines to confirm word counts (hint: abstract should be no more than 70 words and learning objective should be no more than 200 words)

  7.   Don’t forget your references! Yes, the submission requires you to list your references, so please make sure they are submitted.

You are taking the first step for your first poster presentation and this should be an exciting time! Follow these steps, and you are already halfway there! Please check back next month for information on designing your poster!

Melissa Sevestre
FOTA21 Conference 
Student Poster Chair

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