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FOTA Connect: Beyond the Trauma: Empowering OT Practice in the Wake of Gun Violence
Wednesday, May 15, 2024, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
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Course Title: Beyond the Trauma: Empowering OT Practice in the Wake of Gun Violence

Course Level: Intermediate: Experienced in Subject  

Course Speakers & Credentials: Sabina Khan PhD, OTD, OTR/L

Abstract: This presentation highlights the imperative for occupational therapy practitioners to adopt a trauma-informed approach when working with clients who are either gun owners or have been affected by gun violence. It brings to the forefront critical findings from the presenter's qualitative study, offering a deep dive into the experiences and adaptive strategies of OT practitioners in this specialized area of practice. The insights gleaned from the study highlight the complex challenges presented by gun violence and gun ownership in therapeutic contexts, underlining the need for tailored techniques to bolster the holistic well-being of clients and their family unit. The presentation will guide attendees through effective strategies for enhancing trauma-informed care, conducting comprehensive safety evaluations, and applying stress management techniques within OT practice. Concentrating on these essential elements, it aims to equip participants with an all-encompassing perspective on supporting clients touched by gun violence and ownership, charting a course toward healing and resilience.

This presentation will:1) Equip occupational therapy practitioners with an understanding of the unique challenges and needs of clients affected by gun violence or who own guns, emphasizing the importance of a trauma-informed care approach.2) Share practical strategies and insights from a qualitative study to enhance OT practitioners' ability to conduct safety assessments and provide effective therapeutic interventions in contexts involving gun violence and ownership.3) Foster the development of specialized techniques aimed at supporting the emotional and physical well-being of clients, including the implementation of evidence-based stress management practices and safety evaluations within occupational therapy settings.

 Objectives: I. IntroductionWelcomeOverview of the session's objectives and relevance to occupational therapyII. The Context of Gun Violence and OTThe impact of gun violence and gun ownership on individuals and communitiesThe role of occupational therapy in addressing issues related to gun violenceIII. Insights from Qualitative Study Presentation of the study's methodology and participant demographicsKey findings: Challenges faced by OT practitioners working with clients affected by gun violence or who own gunsStrategies employed by OT practitioners to navigate these challengesIV. Trauma-Informed Care in OT PracticePrinciples of trauma-informed care relevant to OTPractical applications of trauma-informed care strategies for clients impacted by gun violenceCase studies/examples of trauma-informed care in actionV. Safety Evaluations and Management Importance of safety evaluations in homes of clients who own gunsStrategies for conducting safety assessments and managing risksDiscussing firearm safety with clients: Approaches and considerationsVI. Stress Management and Therapeutic InterventionsEvidence-based psycho-social strategies for managing trauma-related stressTechniques for promoting resilience and emotional well-being among clientsEncouraging client engagement in meaningful occupations for recoveryVII. Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Advocacy The role of interdisciplinary collaboration in providing holistic care to clients impacted by gun violenceAdvocacy efforts by occupational therapists to promote policies that support trauma survivors and gun safetyVIII. Conclusion and Q&ASummary of key takeaways and final thoughts.

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