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2024 FOTA Connect Member Sessions

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Course Title: OTA Leadership & Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Professional Organizations

Speaker: André Johnson, COTA/L, OTS 

Abstract: OTA Leadership & Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Professional Organizations will discuss current and future professional issues relevant to occupational therapy assistants (OTAs). The discussion will start with traditional leadership opportunities for OTAs for FOTA & AOTA. Then, the FOTA connect session will transition into the benefits of leadership, mentorship, professional networking, and current practice trends for OTAs. Active audience participation will drive the FOTA Connect conversation and provide better community awareness of issues related to occupational therapy assistants. Objectives: 1. Importance of membership in state & national associations and OTA leadership opportunities.2. Identify state & national occupational therapy assistant leadership opportunities. 3. Identify the benefits of leadership, mentorship, and professional networking. 4. Participants will discuss current trends and opportunities for occupational therapy assistants in practice and in professional associations.

Speaker Info: André Johnson, COTA/L, OTS is an occupational therapy assistant of 13 years and a future occupational therapist. Mr. Johnson is passionate about occupational therapy & education and believes occupational therapy assistants are critical to the intraprofessional occupational therapy team. Mr. Johnson also is a strong advocate for the profession of occupational therapy and its place not only in the healthcare system but also in society. Mr. Johnson holds leadership & advocacy roles in the state as the FOTA’s Leadership Development Chair & South Florida Black OT Caucus’ Secretary. He is also the current sitting American Occupational Therapy Association, Commission on Education. Mr. Johnson is a proud Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Rattler. 

FOTA Connect 03202024Course Title: " Thrive, Don't Just Survive" : Burnout Prevention for Health Care Practitioners.
Course Level: Intermediate: Experienced in Subject

Course Speakers & Credentials: Dr. Kasyan-Howe, OTD, OTR/L, Sarah Houchin, BA, OTD-S

Abstract: This short course is designed to educate healthcare practitioners to identify, manage, and prevent burnout at individual and organizational levels. Participants will learn to recognize the specific signs and symptoms of burnout, encompassing physical, emotional, and mental indicators. The first part of the course offers practical strategies to build personal resilience applying a trauma-based approach. Next, the course explores leadership and organizational strategies, providing insights on creating systematic approaches to address work-related stress and prevent burnout in healthcare settings. This program is ideal for healthcare leadership and professionals seeking to enhance personal or organizational well-being to foster a healthier, more sustainable work environment.  Objectives: At the end of the session participants will be able to : 1.)Recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout specific to Health Care Practitioners, including physical, emotional, and mental indicators.2.)Apply strategies to build personal resilience and manage stress effectively, including mindfulness techniques, self-care practices, and time management skills.3.)Understand leadership and organizational strategies to establish systematic approaches to prevent work-related stress and burnout.

Speaker Brief: Dr. Kasyan-Howe has published and presented consistently at local, state and national levels. She has served the profession consistently at a local level as president and recorder of Region 7 South, state-level as president and recorder of FLOTEC and as fieldwork SIS for FOTA, and nationally on AOTA’s Commission on Education (COE) committee, and for ACOTE as a reviewer. She was an Academic Fieldwork Coordinator since 2002, in both OTR and OTA programs. She serves as the founding, full-time Academic Fieldwork Coordinator (AFWC) for the Miami, FL campus of USA, and had been the Doctoral Coordinator since in October 2019.Sarah Houchin, BA, OTD-S an emerging leader in the field of occupational therapy, holds a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Auburn University. Currently, she is completing her entry-level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) at the University of Saint Augustine, Miami campus. Her dedication to the field is reflected in her capstone project, which centers on addressing healthcare provider burnout. 




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