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2023 FOTA Connect Member Sessions


The Role of Occupational Therapy in Home Health Value Based Care
Course Speaker: Rebecca Rambo MS OTR/L, COS-C
Course Level: Basic: Introductory Level

Rebecca Rambo is an Occupational Therapist based out of Orlando, FL. Rebecca has over 10 years of experience in the post-acute care clinical settings including SNF, outpatient rehab, CCRC, and home health. She currently holds an OASIS certification from OASIS Answers. Rebecca serves as a Vice President of Quality Assurance & Compliance for HealthPro-Heritage.

Abstract: This course will review basic fundamentals of value based healthcare within the home health setting and implications for occupational therapy. The course will explain payment models and industry wide shifts, then explain the role of occupational therapy and importance of occupational therapy to meet patient outcomes. Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide a basic understanding of value based payment models, such as PDGM, value based purchasing, and other industry shifts in the home health setting. Then to understand the value of OT's role in this setting along with how to advocate and document to justify home health services. Course Outline: Intro /Agenda /Welcome, Understand value based healthcare shifts within our current industry. Review timeline of industry regulatory changes. Understand the Structure of PDGM within home health.  Value based pursing model within the home health. Behavior shifts data within home health review. The Role in OASIS for quality measures, OT Role in home health oOT Goals Working at the top of your license.  AOTA choose wisely campaignoOutcome studies review . Rehospitalizations Value of OT within home health setting. OASIS & OT The role in OASIS for quality measures. Regulatory requirements surrounding OT & OASIS Home Health collaboration. Patient advocacy & Case conference. Documentation, Looking towards the future for OT in home Health•Questions


Title: Project TEAM: Empowering transition students to advocate for accommodations
Course Speaker: Jessica M Kramer, Ph.D., OTRL

BIO: Dr. Kramer’s research draws upon theoretical concepts and methodologies from occupational therapy, disability studies, education, and rehabilitation to Partner with youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the development and evaluation of rehabilitation products; Develop community based interventions that equip youth with IDD and their families with the skills to identify and resolve environmental barriers to participation; and Design high quality patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) using contemporary measurement approaches.
Abstract: Project TEAM is a manualized problem-solving curriculum that teaches transition-age students with developmental disabilities to identify environmental barriers, generate solutions, and request modifications to reach their goals. This course aims to introduce attendees to implementing Project TEAM with transition age students in a range of practice settings, including schools, community agencies, and vocational programs. Attendees will learn the Project TEAM problem solving process, which uses a (Goal Plan Do Check) approach to identify and resolve physical and social environmental barriers to participation. Attendees will be able to sign up to request freely available, manualized, and universally designed intervention materials and identify the key elements of quality intervention delivery. Evidence for Project TEAM outcomes (federally funded project NIDILRR 90IF00320100) will also be provided. Objectives: Describe how transition age youth can use the Game Plan to identify and resolve environmental barriers to goal attainment. Understand the evidence and materials supporting the implementation of Project TEAM. Course Outline: Understand the need for Project TEAM intervention. Discuss the format of Project TEAM intervention. Review the game plan problem-solving process and educational materials to support each phase. Review evidence supporting Project TEAM


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Navigating University Partnerships for Occupational Therapy Clinicians in Developing OTD Capstones

Course Level: Basic: Introductory Level 
Speakers: Pamela Kasyan-Howe, OTD, OTR.L and Kristin Domville, Dr. OT, OTR/L
This course, "Navigating University Partnerships for Occupational Therapy Clinicians in Developing OTD Capstones," is a resource for OT clinicians, faculty and students interested in fostering impactful academic partnerships and utilizing OTD capstone students to advance their practices and the OT profession. This course will provide clinicians with a thorough understanding of Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) standards while exploring the inherent diversity of capstone experiences and projects across various institutions of higher education. The benefits and practicalities of using capstone students in their practice, including identifying opportunities, managing student roles, and maintaining quality, will be emphasized. We will also discuss how these partnerships can contribute to the advancement of the OT profession as a whole by providing experiential time for multiple project types. This course will serve as a road map to successful university partnerships for OT clinicians, equipping them with the tools necessary to maximize these collaborative opportunities.

 At the conclusion of this session, participants will be able to:1.) Comprehend and apply Accreditation Cou

ncil for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) standards to guide OTD capstone students in their projects, ensuring that they understand how to develop meaningful site objectives that progress the profession.2.) Recognize and adapt to differences in capstone experiences and projects across various institutions of higher education, thereby facilitating a more effective mentoring and collaboration process with OTD students.

 Welcome and Introduction to OTD An overview of the course and an introduction to the Doctorate of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program. Discussing its purpose, the integral role of capstone projects, and the significance of clinician partnerships in shaping these projects.  Understanding ACOTE Standards An in-depth look at the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) standards and how they guide the OTD capstone projects. Understanding the role of these standards in maintaining quality and relevance in OT education and practice.  Navigating Different Project Types Exploring the diversity of capstone projects across different higher education institutions. Understanding the unique characteristics, objectives, and expectations of various project types and how to adapt to them. Role of Mentorship vs Supervision Distinguishing between the roles of mentorship and supervision in guiding OTD students through their capstone projects. Understanding how to balance these roles to effectively support students while maintaining the integrity and quality of the projects.  Reflective Activity: Goal Setting for Future OTD Capstone Students A hands-on reflective activity where participants will have the opportunity to draw from the insights gained throughout the course and formulate specific goals for mentoring future OTD capstone students in their practices. Wrap-up and Q&A A brief summary of the course and a chance to answer any lingering questions. Providing resources for further learning and the next steps for implementing the knowledge gained from the course.

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